Token Overview

In order to meet the needs of good ecological operation and commercial application.

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Token Overview

In order to meet the needs of good ecological operation and commercial application, Torah team issues Vortex Protocol through the Foundation as the only official designated circulation pass of Torah project. The total number of global circulation cards, referred to as VP, is 102,400,000, and no additional issuance will be made.

VP has an indispensable position in the Torah ecosystem , As the carrier of Torah’s ecological value transfer, in addition to the circulation of Torah’s entire ecological value, At the same time, it also serves as a proof of the ownership of users in Torah low-carbon resource contribution incentive, equity participation of listed companies, new infrastructure contribution and Torah pool storage contribution. Circulation between, so that the entire ecology will develop in the direction of lower carbon and energy saving, more environmentally friendly and healthy, and more valuable potential.

VP Token Allocation Ratio

1. Founding team: 3%
10 years of linear release, 10% of the quota is released every year as a linear reward for the start-up team;

2. Development Fund: 3%
Community vote is required, and no more than 20% of the quota per year is used to discover more high-quality innovative products under the Torah ecosystem, and use blockchain technology to assume more social responsibilities, promote the combination of carbon neutrality, energy saving and emission reduction, and promote the global Energy management development;

3. Investment institutions: 1%
It will be released linearly in 5 years, and 20% of the quota will be released every year;

4. Upgrade R&D: 3%
Released according to schedule, no more than 10% of the quota per year, used for the follow-up technology research and development, supporting software development, product hardware expansion and upgrade in the Torah ecosystem;

5. Incentive layer: 90%
Obtaining the corresponding income through computing power reflects the scarcity of Torah's value, because 90% of it is generated through the hardware incentive layer.

Eco-Business Closed Loop

Torah's closed-loop business model is a business model that revolves around a series of related carbon-neutral consumption needs of users, and provides corresponding products one by one to satisfy them. Torah will focus on combining carbon neutrality, energy saving and emission reduction, and promoting global energy management, using idle physical resources (CDN, broadband, CPU/GPU, ICD room, routing...) to create an innovative model with distributed nodes and shared storage , Sharing traffic, environmental protection and energy saving, low-carbon smart life.

In Addition

At the same time, Torah is based on the incentive layer of the blockchain technology ecological incentive mechanism, and is committed to using physical equipment "one-stop low-carbon, environmental protection, and energy-saving" services to create a distributed intelligent cloud ecological closed loop.
As the only token of the Torah system, the primary circulation of VP will revolve around a series of related carbon neutral needs of users, and users can enjoy the "one-stop carbon neutral" experience of Torah.