POD Storage

There is also POD, which is Proof of Data interaction. POD is based on Proof of Capacity technology.

POD, Proof of Data interaction

POD optimizes the data storage process on the basis of Proof of Capacity technology. For each vortex node, the storage data file is fragmented, encrypted, distributed, low-carbon, energy-reduced, and decentralized.

Matching through the vortex node

In each storage node, through the matching of vortex nodes, each valid data is cross-written and read a new technology.

Increase the value of data and reduce the cost

From the perspective of POD technology: Massive big data cannot be processed by a single computer, and a distributed architecture must be adopted.

From the POD application level

In this fast-developing Internet of Everything and Intelligent Connection of Everything, it can have high efficiency, wide coverage, high transmission rate, and low-cost data application technology.

Achieve a breakthrough in distributed storage technology

The team also has been deploying and accumulating in the field of distributed storage from the aspects of data transmission, and security, combining IOT, supply chain, 5G network, distributed storage, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other emerging information technologies to create the world's first distributed Energy Management System,The team strikes to promote the arrival of the WEB 3.0 era!