One stop for NFT projects deployment

Metaverse can be said to be the most popular concept in the entire blockchain industry and even the Internet industry recently.Users can create NFT projects on Torah NFT Deployment Platform in a few clicks, and store the data on Torah distributed storage system.

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Metaverse elements are developed by different nations’ developers

Torah is a DAO Community. Anyone can develop WEB 3.0 application for the future of Metaverse with POD (Proof of Data Interaction) Protocol.

NFT concept understanding

The emergence of NFT has realized the assetization of virtual items. It can map virtual items, turn virtual items into entities for transactions, and make virtual goods assets..

Changes in life

As long as players who have consumed in the game can understand that buying digital goods is a natural thing, NFT mainly solves the scarcity of numbers in the field of blockchain encryption.

What is the meta universe?

Metaverse, also known as Metaverse, is the same as high-tech + low-life cyberpunk. Metaverse is also one of people’s prospects for the future.

NFT artwork

Taking NFT artwork as an example, the core application of blockchain in the art field includes provenance verification, authenticity recording, and digital scarcity of generated artworks

Password service

The function of NFT can prove that the user himself is the owner of the digital goods and assets without any third-party interference or the control of the development platform.

The so-called digital ownership means that the asset has realized its uniqueness, scarcity and tradability in the real world in the digital world.